1 Amazing Tip For Managing Holiday Stress During Covid

by Sarah Solanski | Last Updated: December 15, 2020

Managing holiday stress during COVID can seem to be an impossible task. Holiday meditation for stress relief is a great way to cope healthily. The holidays are a time of rich memories and joy, but they can also be a time of high stress and many difficult feelings.

A great way to navigating holiday stress is through meditation.

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In normal years, people find that all of the to-do’s, events, and the end of the year pressure to fit it all in really weighs us down. Everyone wishes they can find ways to help themself cope with the seasonal stress without turning into a Grinch.

One technique of managing holiday stress during COVID is something called the power pause. The power pause is really simple. It doesn’t take any time or any equipment. It really just takes you dedicating yourself to taking a few minutes every day to reset your mind and your body. We want to share this power pause technique to see if it can help you in your holidays.

This what the power pause entails – find a few moments every day to stop, drop, pause, and reset.

Imagine this a typical holiday scenario:


managing holiday stress - woman in red santa hat

Holiday Stress Tips 2020

When you are stressed and ready to break, take a moment to excuse yourself. Say, “Please excuse me; I will be right back!” Go and find a quiet space, whether that’s in the bathroom, in your pantry, in your closet, maybe your car, your garage, or outside on the patio.

Once you find a quiet space for yourself, take some time, and pause.

  1. Place one hand on your heart.
  2. Place one hand on your belly to take a deep belly breath.
  3. First, take a breath so that the hand on your belly rises first before the hand on your chest.
  4. Inhale deeply so that your belly expands, your ribs follow, and finally, your chest lifts.
  5. Then exhale, so that your chest release is first, then your ribs relaxed, and then your belly.

Go through this deep cycle of breathing at least five times.  First, your belly filling with air, then the ribs, and then the chest and then releasing through your chest, your ribs, and your belly. Do this five times at a minimum. If you have a little longer time available, do the breathing for longer.

Allow your deep belly breathing to soften your muscles, relax your mind, and reset your mood. After you’ve moved through about five cycles of breathing, you will bring your awareness back to your state of being. You’ll ask yourself what is my intention for today for this moment, for how I want to show up, be present, and live at this time in my life. You will set your intention how you want to move through this moment in your world mindfully and with peace.  With your last deep breath at a more positive, powerful intention, you’ll continue to wake yourself back into the reality of managing holiday stress during covid.  You will be back in the moment of effectively managing holiday stress during COVID and go back to your holidays with this new mindset. You have just stopped, dropped, paused, and reset with the power pause technique.

It is taking a few moments to stop, drop, pause, and reset so that you can go back to navigating your holidays with a different state of physical and mental wellness. Using this power pause technique, you can avoid things like overeating at the dinner table or arguing with your uncle, or losing your marbles.

Take the time to do a little meditation for the holiday season stress, and it can change your whole outlook on the holidays. From dealing with rambunctious kids to in-laws, siblings, and even parents, meditation is a game-changer.

This power pause technique is potent in helping you live well, and I hope you have the ability to try it out this holiday season and enjoy it too. Your family will also notice a difference after using meditation for holiday stress relief. You may even find that they will ask you how you can remain calm and cheerful with all the noise and craziness of managing holiday stress during COVID.

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Studies have repeatedly shown that meditation is an effective way to relieve holiday stress. The power of meditation, especially during the holidays, is that short sessions work extremely well.

Simply taking a couple of minutes to remove yourself and doing a meditation breathing technique provides instant relief from anxiety, the ability to control stressful feelings, and emotional wellbeing. Managing holiday stress during COVID is indeed possible.

Source: Caroline Jordan via YouTube


Sarah Solanski is a wife, mother, and grandmother of 4 grandbabies. Since becoming a grandmother, Sarah has been on a journey to improve the quality of life for all people. To eat healthier, live happier, and build lasting relationships. To make the world a little better.