Short 3 Minute Guided Meditation Will Cultivate Mindfulness, Provide Better Sleep, and Start Your Day More Positive

by Sarah Solanski | Last Updated: February 15, 2021

3 Minute Guided Meditation To Start The Day

Stress, anger, and negative feelings seem to be at an all-time high around the world. We are restricted in personal freedoms and movements with work, travel, and even among our families due to pressing health alerts. It is important, now more than ever, to find ways to reduce stress, relieve anxiety, and remove negativity.

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Millions of people are having trouble feeling positive and peaceful, even in their own homes. Children and teens kept out of school and away from in-person social interactions are suffering from anxiety and depression too. Adults have been pressed to the limits of their ability to cope with the medical and financial stress abound in the world.

There just seems like no relief is in sight anytime soon.

The Reason We Have Trouble Maintaining A Peaceful and Relaxed Mind

We live in a society that has us over-stimulated on every front, with our phones, laptops, radios, and TVs. Noise, noise, and more noise! It seems impossible to separate the facts from fiction.

Is there a solution to regain mindfulness and peace? Yes, short guided meditations.

How Do Short, Guided Meditations Help?

mom and grandmother holding children doing 3 minute meditation for kidsExperts say a short, guided meditation does not have to be complicated. People do not need “gurus”, over-priced coaches, or guides loaded with theory. People want facts. They want fast results.

3 minute guided meditations answer these demands. They are short, 3-minutes, are guided meditations with music so you don’t need gurus or over-priced coaches. And you can do them at home, at the office, waiting in line, practically anywhere.

A form of guided meditation is also mindfulness meditation. This type also comes in the 3 minute guided meditation format. That is why so many people search for meditation scripts online. Finding and implementing a good 3 minute guided meditation can literally change the lives of thousands of people. Mindfulness meditation for kids and for students is also a good choice to remove negativity and improve self-worth in a restricted world.

How Does a 3 Minute Guided Meditation Help?

Society has been using meditation for centuries to help people cope with stress, anxiety, and to deal with a host of emotional trigger events. The solution must be easy. It must not consume too much of a time commitment, and it must show fast results.
People are wanting and demanding help to:

3 Minute Meditation Script

The scripts can be in a book, ebook, via video, or in audio format. The delivery method that works best for you is one of personal choice. The best 3-minute guided meditation program should have at least written, audio, and video formats available.

There is a warning, however. You do not want a long-winded online meditation program that solely deals with theory. What works best is a program that gets to the point and delivers good, guided meditations. The “3 Minute Meditation” is one such program. It guarantees incredible results in just 180 seconds a day.

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