4 Odd Ways How To Conquer Stress And Relax Your Mind

by Sarah Solanski | Last Updated: October 30, 2020

How to conquer stress. One word that could describe a primary need in 2020 is finding tips to relieve stress.

The entire world is full of stress. Maybe more so in 2020, but the demands of life equal stress with the demand to achieve, compete, and earn a living. Our individual daily routines and aspirations may impact the level of stress. Rich or poor, life is full of stress and we need to find quick and easy ways to relax and destress. Not doing so is a serious disservice to your well-being.

Face it, you will not be your best every day if you let stress accumulate without releasing it in a meaningful and peaceful way. Yes, physically destroying something can provide temporary relief but then you just end up stressing over the ramifications or cost of the thing you destroyed.

woman relaxing after learning how to conquer stress

Here Are My 4 Favorite Ways How To Conquer Stress And Relax

1. Get Cold. Yeah, exposing yourself to cold sure doesn’t sound very relaxing! You are right. You see, it is the feeling of warming yourself up that provides a relaxing and destressing sensation. If you try this method, and you should, you will literally feel the stress draining away from your soul. An easy way to get cold is to take a walk in the rain or a cold shower.

● Being cold is proven to snap people out of their current mood. When you temporarily make yourself physically miserable it is awful hard to think of anything else than getting warm.

2. Close Your Eyes and Listen To White Noise. Try to meditate instead of falling asleep with this method. There are many online options for sounds of rain, waves crashing on the shore, thunder in the distance, or other delta wave recordings. We personally use these types of sounds when we need ways to relax and destress. Of all the tips to relieve stress, this is our favorite because it can be done anywhere.

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3. Zone Out and Stare at a Fire. You can do this in many different ways. Outside with a fire pit is best. Or a fireplace and if you don’t have any of these, a couple of candles make a good option. You will trigger a primal instinct of comfort. Also, a fire is just hypnotic. Staring into a fire or at the flickering of flames with mindfulness meditation is a wonderful way to relax

4. Do Puzzles. Huh? How can a mental challenge cause your mind to relax? Well, puzzles are a good way to occupy your mind and give it a chance to relax. Try it and you will find that whatever is troubling you and causing stress and anxiety will be removed from doing sudoku or other types of brain teaser games. Want something simpler? Try a jigsaw puzzle. You will be amazed at how effective this stress relief tip is at conquering stress and letting your mind relax.

The key to how to conquer stress and relieve anxiety is to create a routine.

stressed mother with 2 young children trying to get work done while at home

We presented our 4 favorite tips on how to conquer stress and relieve anxiety. Which have you tried and which will you try? Stress and anxiety are damaging to our minds and body. It will begin to show physically in bags under the eyes, lines, and wrinkles on the face, and loss of luster on the skin.

There are many ways to relax and destress in the marketplace today. We found these home remedy tips to relieve stress to work best for us and we like this program. We hope they work for you too.  If you have other ways to relax and destress, leave us a quick comment below.

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How to conquer stress long-term starts with manifesting with meditation.

Sarah Solanski is a wife, mother, and grandmother of 4 grandbabies. Since becoming a grandmother, Sarah has been on a journey to improve the quality of life for all people. To eat healthier, live happier, and build lasting relationships. To make the world a little better.