4 Self-Care During The Holidays – Holiday Survival Tips

by Sarah Solanski | Last Updated: November 20, 2020

Dr. Jalen Rick has four tips for self-care during the holidays that you can apply during this crazy 2020 holiday season.

He states that some people when he works with them don’t even know what he is talking about when he says holiday self-care habits. Perhaps you don’t either. It is not self-indulgence.  It is actually those yummy nurturing satisfying moments that energize you. The ones that recharge your batteries and give you gratitude which gives you the energy to get through another day.

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He suggests you make a list in your mind, just a quick list right now, as you’re reading.  Make a list of the things that deeply nurture you. The things that are right at your fingertips for you to grab on to and really feel good about.

Now, people say things like going to Hawaii will provide really great self-care during the holidays.  Of course, he says he gets nurtured too when going to Hawaii, but these self-care routines need to be right at your fingertips. Most people just can’t just drop everything and go on a trip.  What are the fingertip self-care habits? The little things throughout your day that you can do to really recharge your batteries.

self-care during the holidays with comfort food in front of a fireHoliday Self-Care Tips

  1. One thing for the Doctor and maybe it’s on your list – is listening to your favorite music. So, over the next few weeks over the holidays, he says it’s going to be important for you to start your day with your favorite song.  Turn it up and sing it out loud.
  1. Perhaps it is comfort food right. Not eating tons of comfort food but maybe a little bit here. This can really bring back your favorite memories. That makes you really feel good about being alive.

Some people really need their exercise right. They need to go on that walk every day. They need to not miss that yoga class. It really recharges their batteries and keeps them going and unfortunately, as we get busy.

These are the very things that fall away and that’s actually the wrong route to take. Because then your batteries get depleted, you get upset, you get overwhelmed, you get into drama. It’s the holidays and you need your batteries charged.

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Choose holiday self-care habits and activities that make you feel grateful and you will recharge your batteries.

  1. Some people watch their favorite movie. If it is Christmas watch your favorite holiday movie. No matter how small the self-care routine do something for yourself.
  1. Maybe it’s contacting that particular friend or family member that you know will listen to you and accept you and they’re really good listeners without judging. We all need them in our lives. Reach out to that person. Get a few minutes. By texting them through the holidays you will feel less alone.

Self-Care During The Holidays

Those are just a few items that you can put on your list of holiday self-care activities that will help nurture you and recharge your batteries during the holidays. That will get you through to the other side. Once again, this is not self-indulgence. This is taking care of yourself with good self-care habits during the holidays.

Self-care during the holiday season is very important, especially during this crazy 2020 year.



Source Dr. Jallen Rix via YouTube

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