5 Self-Care Activities You Can Do Indoors

by Sarah Solanski | Last Updated: September 24, 2020

Self-care is important when you are spending more time inside because of cooling weather or from virus concerns. Maintaining your happiness while feeling (or actually) being confined indoors can be challenging. Here are five simple ways to keep you physically and mentally happy while spending more time inside.

You do not have to go outside, explore, and travel to find the happiness and peace you are looking for. You probably have everything that you need right inside your home. Home is where you can find true happiness.

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5 Ways To Bring You Joy With Indoor Activities:

  1. Find or Spend More Time On A Hobby. And you thought it was going to be read a book, didn’t you? A hobby stimulates your brain while giving you a sense of self-satisfaction. It helps you relax and is fun to do.
  1. Find And Read A Book. Yeah, you knew it was in this list somewhere. Many hobbies require you to research, learn and search for inspiration. A good book or magazine about your hobby can bring you inspiration and increased self-satisfaction. Of course, try and read a good fiction book too. It can transform your everyday same ole into another world.
  1. Bake Something. Baking makes your home smell great and you will stimulate your endorphins. Endorphins will boost your pleasure, resulting in a feeling of well-being. And, who doesn’t want to enjoy or see the joy of others when you share these treats with friends and family?
  1. Play A Game. If you are alone, you can play games with others on the computer or play solitaire. If you have family or a chance for friends to visit, break out a board game, or play some cards. What is your favorite board game? My favorites are Connect Four and Othello. Checkers or Chutes and Ladders if my opponent is under ten!
  1. TV Binging. This is a great activity if done in moderation. Binging your favorite show or shows can make you lose track of time. It also induces binge eating too! On the occasion, however, it is just peaceful to settle in for a day of watching movies or your favorite TV shows.

Doing things that you love to do is an easy way to rest your mind, find peace, and do some self-care while spending time indoors.

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Now is a good time to look after your self-care especially with such an uncertain world of politics, viruses, and civil unrest in the U.S. Spending quality time at home with these 5 self-care tips will make your day positive and relaxing.

It is not hard to find indoor activities that bring you peace, satisfaction, and happiness.

Go ahead and take a look around your house. I bet you can find something fun you have always wanted to do. Do it and reconnect with yourself and your home during this time.

Self-care activities you can do indoors is the perfect way to save your sanity and pass the time.


Sarah Solanski is a wife, mother, and grandmother of 4 grandbabies. Since becoming a grandmother, Sarah has been on a journey to improve the quality of life for all people. To eat healthier, live happier, and build lasting relationships. To make the world a little better.