5 Simple Ways to Stop Anxiety

by Sarah Solanski | Last Updated: October 27, 2020

Looking for a way to stop anxiety in its path?

woman on rock stopping anxiety feelingsIt has been shown that exercise has a positive effect on ways to help anxiety. No, we aren’t talking about lifting weights or hard cardio exercises.

Leading stress reduction experts recommend simple exercises that everyone can do with relative ease. Getting away from whatever you’re doing and moving your body is always a great way to calm the mind and help alleviate stress.

Why? Because prolonged anxiety can have a negative impact on your physical and mental health. It will send you down a path of sorrow and wallow. It will sap your energy and prevent you from enjoying the simple things in life.

Instead, try these 5 anxiety-reducing activities and restore your happiness and overall well-being.

5-Simple Exercises To Stop Anxiety:

1. Go for a walk. You can literally walk anywhere. You can walk at home, at work, even while you are on vacation or traveling for work. Walking not only is a simple way to get your body moving, it also provides a sense of freedom. Stepping outside your front door and taking a stroll around the neighborhood or in a nearby park can do wonders to calm your mind.

If you’re at work, take a walk around the building or block on your lunch break. It is a proven way to break up the day and calm mental chaos.

2. Go for a bike ride. Riding a bike is a great anxiety-reducing activity and a fantastic way to clear your mind. Biking is a superb way to get the exercise that moves your body. It can also strengthen your leg muscles as well.

● Many communities have bike trails and walking paths. You can also explore your neighborhood far and wide on a bike. This is a wonderful way to help anxiety and relieve stress.

3. Do some yoga. You can go to a class or participate in one online in the privacy of your home. The calming effect of yoga is one reason that millions of people do yoga every day. The stretching time is as beneficial as meditation time.

Yoga can be done daily and in practically any location. It will enable you to have some control over reducing or stopping anxiety. It will also provide other mental and physical healing therapy as well.

4. Try jumping rope. As a child, you may have enjoyed jumping rope on the playground. Of all the anxiety-reducing activities, jumping rope is a fun way to relieve stress easily at home – and bring back fond childhood memories!

● The best part about jumping rope is that your mind will automatically be put at ease while you are focusing on how many times you can jump. It’s a simple and effective way to stop the anxiety if even for a moment of time.

5. Go for a jog or run. You can trot, jog, or even run on a treadmill or hit the pavement outside. You don’t have to adopt a runner mentality (we all know them), just have fun and move. The moment that your feet start moving, you will feel the stress and anxiety start to melt away.

When you’re feeling extra stressed or anxious, just change up your routine a bit. Change your route, jog, or run in short faster bursts or sprint out some of that stress. You might find that you can move those anxious thoughts and feelings out of your system completely.

Who knew that simple exercise could have such a positive effect to stop anxiety?

When it feels like the world is on your shoulder or you just can’t stop feeling anxious, take a break and exercise.

Put on comfortable clothing and let your body movement transport your mind to a better place.

The great thing about using exercise to reduce and stop anxiety is that you’re also strengthening your physical health as well.

Exercise brings you so many wellness benefits.

Use it as a simple way to relieve stress, calm your mind, and stop anxiety.

Are you on the path to ultimate success?


Sarah Solanski is a wife, mother, and grandmother of 4 grandbabies. Since becoming a grandmother, Sarah has been on a journey to improve the quality of life for all people. To eat healthier, live happier, and build lasting relationships. To make the world a little better.